A week of madness !

Sunday 27th :

-First arrivals in the afternoon
-Site visit and outdoor play
-Access to heated swimming pool
– Board games/Movie

Monday 28th :

-Last arrivals
-Access to heated swimming pool
-Excursions in the afternoon in Bussang

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "theatre du peuple"
Le Théâtre du peuple, Bussang

-Presentation of the Universities

Tuesday 29th :

-Tour of our school : ENSTIB in Epinal
-Discovery of Epinal and funny games
Theme Party : Middle Age + + Concert : La Fanfare couche-tard


Wednesday 30th :

-Visits and Lectures : Wood Innovations
– CBS Lifteam, Norske Skog, Gerbois, Egger, ONF.

– International evening, Folk dances

Drwal – Interfob 2011

Thursday 31st :

-Rest in the morning
-Workshop in the afternoon

-Gala evening

Friday 1st :

-Last breakfast together
-Time to leave 😥

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